Rules of The Cretan Road


No matter where you go, there will always be at least one small thing that will be different when concerning the rules of the road. Make sure to be aware of these rules and your journey around Crete should be all smooth sailing. Just remember that in Crete, vehicles are driven on the right side of the road and have the right of way when coming from that side.Here are just a few tips :

  • Cars will often flash their lights at you from behind to signal that they would like to overtake.Pay attention to this and allow them to pass you by.
  • Pay close attention to pedestrians walking in the street.Sidewalks are sometimes hard to come by and they have no other options but to be in the roads.
  • Try your best to follow the rules and regulations to avoid any traffic police troubles.There are speed radars set up on the side of the roads so make sure you are mindful of this while taking your trip. A small speeding offense will only cost you a meager fine but larger offenses can result in a court hearing.
  • Always keep in mind to give priority to Pickup Trucks.







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